Macron urges Musk to ‘choose France’

President Emmanuel Macron met billionaire businessman Elon Musk on Monday as part of efforts to convince global business leaders to invest in France.

The chief executive of Tesla, Space X, and Twitter is just one of 200 international business leaders who gathered at the “Choose France” event at the Palace of Versailles.

Macron and Musk discussed “significant progress in the electric vehicle and energy sectors,” as well as digital regulation, the French leader wrote on Twitter.

Later Musk vowed Tesla would make “significant investments” in France at some point.

What France wants from Musk

French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire also met Musk to discuss new tax credits for investments in green technology.

Last week, Macron announced incentives to support innovative industries and transition towards greener technology, including tax credits in fields like battery production, electric cars, hydrogen, and wind power, and accelerating authorization for industrial projects.

Le Maire gave no details of Monday’s talks with Musk, saying simply that, “all of today’s investments are the fruit of months or even years of negotiations.”



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