Rayliza Ghana is an Event, Multimedia, Information Technology and a Brand management company, based in Accra. We basically offer services related to the above fields.


We use the business management and organizational skills to envision, plan and execute social and business events. Our outfit helps with budgets design, schedules, human resource and others to create the best possible events for our clients. Our team is able to provide a full-service event management experience that is well satisfactory to our clients. If you are looking for a team that can help organize a more upbeat and modern vibe event, call on us.


Rayliza Ghana has a media team that is well experienced in this field. Our team does the following:

  • Audio Production (Jingle or Advert, Voice over and Studio Engineering, etc)
  • Video Production (Event coverage, Editing, etc)
  • News coverage and reporting.
  • Photography
  • Live streaming of corporate, social and Christian events on social media for churches, social and cooperate events.
  • Training sessions for live streaming

How strong is your media team in your organization? Rayliza Ghana can help you build a solid media team.


We offer General IT supports to companies, eg, installation of network infrastructures, creation of websites, software development, application installation and maintenance.


We help to discover what truly makes a strong brand strategy for our clients companies, why your organization needs one, and how to start building it today. We make it a recognizable and a loved brand which is one of the most valuable assets a company owns. For ideas and strategies on company branding, call on us!

For our services, any general consultation or equerry, kindly contact us 

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