DataBank staff to work remotely over attacks and threats by clients

DataBank has ordered all offices nationwide to be closed effective today, December 22, 2022.

According to the bank, the decision to close all their offices nationwide is necessitated by the need to protect the staff of the bank who are being physically and verbally abused by customers.

While their offices will be closed, the Bank will continue to serve customers and process transactions remotely, and all their digital channels will remain open just as they did during COVID-19.

Databank in a statement said in the circumstance, it has “no choice but to move to a work-from-home option” and that while its offices will be physically closed, “we will continue to serve you and process transactions remotely, and all our digital channels will remain open just as we did during COVID. However, we cannot endanger the lives of staff by opening the office without any available liquidity.

“We are fully aware the current crisis in our industry is very concerning, and we continue to ask for your patience during these difficult times. We are very hopeful the Financial Stability Fund or any other Fund that the government may provide in the interim will provide much-needed relief for you and other investors.

“Many of our clients have tried to be patient with us as we wait for the government to provide liquidity. For this, we are extremely grateful,” it added.



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